The “Cirque of the Unclimbables” is the name given to the large granite peaks located in the stunning but remote Logan Mountains in Canada’s Northwest Territories. Discovered by Arnold Wexler in 1955, he named them the “Cirque of the Unclimbables”, because of the large and steep granite spires that he had claimed were unclimbable.

The Cirque is known for the outstanding views on the many trails that lead to the top, the most known and recommended trail is the “Lotus Flower Tower”, first climbed by William J. Buckingham and party in 1960. Now made world famous as one of the “Fifty Classic Climbs of North America” by Steck and Roper’s. There are many trails that lead up the Cirque, some difficult, heading right over the jagged terrain, and some that are used frequently and have been worn in over the years.

The Logan Mountains are only accessible by charter plane, due to the dangerous and dense surrounding terrain, so why not save some time and money, and book with South Nahanni Airways!


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