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Get a magnificent aerial view of Canada’s best-kept secret; the ‘other’ Nahanni, where few but bush pilots have ever ventured. We will take you anywhere, but here are some of our most popular trips:

Fly yourself and your canoe, kayak or raft to the South Nahanni River, widely celebrated as the best paddling destination in Canada, some say the world. Choose one of our favourite drop-off points – Moose Ponds beneath Fuji-like Mount Wilson, Island Lakes, Rabbitkettle Lake with its hot springs, surrounded by uniquely terraced tuffa mounds, or breathtaking Virginia Falls.

Explore the breathtaking Ragged Range at your own pace. Fly to our base camp at beautiful Glacier Lake for a picnic lunch and a paddle, drop in your fishing line or stroll beneath towering mountain peaks. Better still, camp for a week and climb into the Cirque or just relax in its alpine meadows.

Take a fishing trip to Trout Lake for giant pike and lake trout, walleye (picherel) and white fish. This lake is unusual, not for its large size which extends over 50Km, but for its pristine, tropical white beaches. Charter your own plane and pilot, hire a local Dene guide, or join a group of anglers for a dream fishing trip by the light of the mid-night sun. Or, if you’d rather a lake to yourself, we can drop you off at any number of places, then collect you and your catch later.

Visit our nearby communities: Trout Lake, Jean Marie, Fort Liard, Nahanni Butte and Wrigley. The Slavey who live in these quiet settlements still live a largely traditional life off the land, fishing, hunting and trapping. They still make traditional crafts, like birchbark baskets and moosehide jackets, mitts and moccasins decorated with beads, porcupine quills and moosehair tufting.

Whatever you choose, South Nahanni Airways will give you a truly unforgettable experience at a reasonable rate.