South Nahanni Airways

We would like to express our appreciation for the outstanding and professional service provided to our group as we planned our Nahanni River canoe trip and our flight into Rabbit Kettle Lake. Throughout the months prior to our trip, Laverna answered a multitude of questions and provided numerous travel options. Our flight was timely, scenic and we enjoyed the chance to chat with the personable and positive pilots and staff. However, our experience with South Nahanni Airways did not end at our drop off destination.

On the second day of our adventure a camp stove butane canister blew up, a 911 call was sent out and Parks Canada was accessed to evacuate two members of our group, myself, injured and my husband as my companion. A few days later we contacted South Nahanni Airways to arrange to fly my husband into Virginia Falls to enable him to rejoin the group. While South Nahanni Airways worked with us to provide options, the weather worked against us, a flight out was not possible until one week after the accident. However, there is an amazing happy ending to this story.

During the week of waiting for the bad weather to change, my burns began to show positive signs of healing and other medical issues were under control. The skies cleared and the possibility to return to the river along with my husband became a reality. Without any further incidents, we experienced an amazing sunny week and enjoyed the best of the Nahanni, the falls, immense canyons, Pulpit Rock, Dead men Valley, rapids and riffles ….

South Nahanni Airways deserve a huge recommendation, not only for their professional service and support mentioned previously, but for their generosity and their ability to adapt and work around our unique circumstances. There was no charge for the second flight into the
Nahanni! The note on the invoice stated… “The Trip on the Cessna 206 – Well That Is On Us ( South Nahanni Airways ) … I am just so glad you were able to finish this Trip … and you are faring well since your incident/accident”. I had been able to hold back all tears throughout the stress and pain associated with the accident, however, the depth of their generosity moved me to tears.

Thank you Laverna, Jacques and Ron

Leslie Irvine
Dawson Creek